uBlock OriginFor a safer and faster internet experience TAG strongly recommends that you install an ad-blocker. There are quite a few ad-blockers to choose from, but we’ll show you how to install and configure uBlock Origin, the best ad-blocker available today.

Install from the Chrome Web Store by clicking the Add to Chrome button.

Install from the Firefox Add-ons website by clicking the Add to Firefox button.

Install from the Opera Addons website by clicking the Add to Opera button.

To disable the ad-blocker for a single website (whitelist a website), click on the uBlock Origin icon, then click the large power-off button () and refresh the page to see changes.

To disable uBO for a single page only, hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd ⌘ key on Mac) while clicking the power-off button.

The default configuration provided by uBlock Origin blocks most ads and undesirable content, but you may wish to avail yourself of the extra features included, in order to further secure and depollute your web experience. You can read more about these features on the uBlock Origin wiki.