TAG – an acronym for Technology Awareness Group – is an organisation based in Lakewood, New Jersey, and established in 5769 (2009) by the Vaad Le’Tohar Hamachna – a coalition of Rabbanim lead by Rav Matisyahu Solomon and the Skulener Rebbe ZTvK”L.

TAG’s mission is to keep the public informed of the continuously evolving and precarious nature of the internet and modern technology. Additionally, TAG provides guidance and assistance to the public via the TAG Hotline, local TAG Offices, marketing, consulting, outreach, public events, seminars, and training.

TAG operates globally with over 50 centres and hundreds of volunteers worldwide. The TAG Hotline is staffed 20 hours a day, with volunteers answering calls and queries pertaining to the internet and technology related questions.

TAG volunteers are able to install and configure many different filters on numerous device types and operating systems. TAG volunteers also provide filter related purchasing advice and respond to complex queries via phone and email.

TAG offers physical or software based removal of FM radio capabilities for many MP3 players, and WiFi removal from cameras, laptops, computers and other devices. TAG can also remove or disable video recording features on select camera models upon request.

Most TAG services are free. Where commercial filter solutions are necessary, payments are paid directly to the providing company, and TAG does not receive a percentage or profit from any fees paid.

TAG is not a filter, TAG utilises many different tools and services to help protect and secure your device or network. TAG will customise your filter configuration for maximum usability and protection.

TAG does not endorse the use of internet/radio connected devices and gadgets, all TAG services are for individuals who have consulted appropriate Da’as Torah and have made their purchase decisions accordingly. By virtue of TAG providing a solution for a particular device, that does not provide blanket-cover for anyone to purchase said device whilst relying that TAG will secure it. This applies especially to gaming consoles and non-branded devices.

TAG does not log or store any client data or network traffic; this is managed by the filter companies and subject to their respective terms and policies. When troubleshooting filter issues, volunteers may temporarily receive secure access to data logs, these logs only include web addresses visited with date/time.

TAG wishes to remind the public that it is imperative to use proper parlance when communicating, especially with regard to technological matters. The acronym TAG should not be used in the verb form of tag, as this is both factually and grammatically imprecise.